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Micro:Bit Mini-Lesson at St. Mary's Primary School

Learning How The World Works

26 June • Amelia Branson

Last week, four students from St. Mary's Primary School in Rotorua took part in a Micro:Bit mini-lesson.

One lucky student from St. Mary's had won themselves a Micro:Bit Starter Kit as a runner-up prize from our previous competition in conjunction with Kiwi Kids News. I ran a mini-lesson with some students that are particularly interested in the Micro:Bit's. Check out our short video at the bottom of this blog to see what the students got up to!

We used the following products:

The students were excited to show me all the coding they'd already done with their Micro:Bit's. They'd followed tutorials online to create games like Paper, Scissors, Rock and Crashy Bird.

When they wanted to customize the code to change how the Micro:Bit responded to certain actions, the students used complex problem solving skills to overcome tricky issues. They knew exactly what they wanted the Micro:Bit to do, and with some trial and error, they managed to get their code just right.  

They were surprised to see that the Micro:Bit could control things like the LAMP:bit and STOP:bit to behave like street lights and traffic lights would in real life. The Micro:Bit is perfect for showing students how things work in a fun and practical way.

See a brief summary of what the students got up to in the video below!

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