Learning Developments aquires Nicegear


Learning Developments aquires Nicegear

Welcome to 2021 and a new part of Learning Developments. We have recently merged Nicegear into our extensive range of electronic and digital technology related products. Nicegear, under the ownership of Hadley, has been providing educational institutes, small businesses and hobbyists electronic supplies for the past 15 years. 


 We feel privileged to be able to continue their fantastic product range and customer service under the Learning Developments umbrella. We hope that their customers feel welcome in the Learning Developments space and can find what they need and more.

From January 11th the Nicegear website will redirect you to the Learning Developments webstore for you to complete your purchase. If there is a product you are looking for please get in touch as if we don’t have it in stock, then it is likely we will be able to source it for you as we place fortnightly orders with our suppliers. If you are after a bulk order then get in contact with Troy to organise special pricing.


 Please see below for Hadley’s message to his Nicegear customers.

TL/DR - Last call for orders is 2pm Friday 18th December 2020. We will be closing for both order and shipping until the New Year.

- From Hadley Rich

I've really enjoyed working with all my customers over the last ~15 years or so but it's time for a change. I will be moving on to different things at the end of this year. From 2021, nicegear will continue on under the leadership of Troy and his team from Learning Developments.

This is a great move because Learning Developments are very well situated to deal with educational institutes, which comprise a lot of our customers. They are much more suited to this than we ever were, even though we managed, we were originally set up to cater to hobbyists and small businesses, something which Learning Developments will also do well. I'm sure you will all receive the same good service or better than you ever have.

The Nicegear site will be closing for both orders and shipping from 2pm Friday 18th December. Over this time Learning Developments will be incorporating the products into their systems and ordering will reopen on their site from early January next year.

Thank you to all my lovely customers from over the years, it's been a pleasure - Hadley.


2 Responses

John Jenkins
John Jenkins

January 29, 2021

Hi Hadley,

Thanks for the many years of excellent service and wishing you all the best for whatever the future has in store for you.

Nobby Clarke
Nobby Clarke

January 11, 2021

Sorry to see you go but on to big and better things, wishing you well. I have enjoyed your service and help and I’m sure Troy and Co will live up to your example.

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