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Micro:bit Soil Monitor with live Microsoft Excel Data Streamer

This is just a quick tutorial to help out a super teacher that wants to integrate Technology into their Science lessons.  There is also a bit of Math and of course some Digital as well.  If you are interested in getting some personalised help just get in touch!

For this project we used:

We are interested in making sure our plant doesn't get thirsty in the office. To monitor this, we use a Soil Moisture Sensor.  The one we are using is specially designed to work with crocodile or alligator clips.  Hence the name GATOR:BIT


To wire it up just connect the 3V, GND and Signal.  I have used Red, Black and Yellow for this.  

In my example, I connect the Signal to Pin 3.


For the code, we want to monitor the change in voltage on our ADC channel.  I have chosen to output the value to an excel spreadsheet, but you could display the number on the micro:bit or an LCD if you like.  To output to Excel, you need to enable the Microsoft Data Streamer. Learn how to do that here.



The final part is setting up your Excel Data Streamer to the match the data you are sending.

Data Streamer settings

and you should get some results similar to this.

Resulsts from gator:bit


Now all the real fun begins!  Get Scientific and work out the optimal value for plant happiness.  Engineer an enclosure to make it weatherproof.  Delve into the Digital Technology and use the Bluetooth to wirelessly stream the data! of course, there is data so perhaps plot a graph using your Math skills.

This is what STEM is :)

Happy making.


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