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STEAM Constellation Creating for Matariki

Use Sparkfun's LED Constellation Hoops tutorial to create Matariki right in your classroom!

Matariki begins on 13th July 2020 so now's the time to start planning your lessons. Sparkfun posted this cool constellation e-textiles blog a while ago and we think it's perfect for Matariki, so follow along to see what you'll need.

Here's Sparkfun's vide tutorial so you can follow along step-by-step, and below I'll share a list of supplies you can purchase from our online store! Contact us if you'd like to use a school account or if you're buying in bulk.




You'll need the following components which are available on our online store:

Here's an example from our student expert Esme. She created this constellation using the tutorial above - how great does it look! This would be really effective if there were a large number of them each showing different stars hung on the walls in a classroom or at home.

You could take it a step further by using your micro:bit to act as an interactive feature for the display! 

Add coding micro:bits to the list of skills used in your Matariki lessons by adding a cool button function. As shown in our video below, students code each micro:bit to show a star lit up followed by the name of the star when a button is pushed.


Give it a try! We'd love to see your creations, so make sure you send us a photo or video if you do this in your class or at home during the holidays.

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