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Mind Lab Using Micro:Bit's for Teacher Education Programmes

We’ve recently provided 200 micro:bit devices to the Mind Lab for the teacher education programme. We support the exceptional work they do, recognizing that forwards thinking is the key to successful future learning. Teachers enrolled in the Mind Lab programme will be using the micro:bits while working towards achieving a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital & Collaborative Learning, which you can learn more about here

Teachers will be able to seamlessly and confidently apply their knowledge of micro:bits into classroom lessons, where students can then develop their understanding of digital technologies. An EdTech Educator reflects in a blog post on how micro:bits are perfect for students to get hands-on experience, where they can learn through failure and collaboration.

The use of micro:bits in the Mind Lab education programmes will help both teachers and students to adapt to the rapidly changing education climate, creating an environment for their digital fluency to develop.