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What are the basic steps to using MakeCode?

MakeCode is the online website that you use to code and program your micro:bit. To start, you need to go to When you create a new code, it's called a project. Click the "New Project" button, and you should now have a new program space on your screen. It should look like this: 


Here are the names of the main parts on MakeCode. I'll be using these names in my blogs, so you'll know what I mean if I say "add a basic code block to your program space". If you need more help with it, you can click on the help button on the top of your screen.



Some of my blogs use extra accessories for the micro:bit, like the LAMP:bit. These need their own set of special code blocks, which you need to download. Click on the settings icon at the top of the screen, and go to "extensions". Now you can search for any extra code blocks you might need! Click on the one you want to download, and the new code blocks should appear with the rest of the code blocks. In the screenshot below, I searched for the LAMP:bit.



And now you're ready to code! Click on a code block to drag and drop an instruction into the program space - check out MakeCode's help guide to using blocks to learn what each of the blocks do, and what ones go together! Download your code by clicking the big "Download" button, then upload it to your micro:bit by plugging it into your device, opening up the file viewer, and dragging the download into the micro:bit folder as shown. My next blogs will show you how to use MakeCode to do some really cool things with extensions like the LAMP:bit.





The LAMP:bit - Part 1

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