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Introduction to the Micro:Bit

This blog is your first step in learning to use the BBC micro:bit!

What exactly is the micro:bit, and how do I do anything with it?

The micro:bit is a small, programmable piece of technology that can do a bunch of different things when you code it. It's really great for learning to code, or if you just want to tinker!

Coding is kind of like a different language. It's a way that people and computers can talk to each other, so that we can program and control technology.

Games use coding so the character knows what to do when you press buttons on the controller. On most games when you press up your character will jump, and crouch when you press down. This is because the controller is coded so that when you press those buttons, the character does those things.

On the micro:bit there are 25 little lights called LED's and 2 buttons. The buttons can be programmed to control the lights.

To program the micro:bit, all you need is a computer or laptop with a WiFi connection and a USB programming cable. You use a website called MakeCode to edit the code, which can then be uploaded onto the micro:bit.

You can get extra attachments for the micro:bit, so it can be used for lots of things. Some ways you can use it are for fashion, fitness, music, gaming and more!

You can read more about the micro:bit and the inventors kit in my blog on Kiwi Kids News!



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