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ELECFREAKS Cutebot for micro:bit

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The ELECFREAKS micro:bit Robot Smart Cutebot is a rear-wheel drive smart car powered by two high-speed motors. The Cutebot is packed with cool features like an ultrasonic sensor, a distance sensor, two RGB LED projectors, underbody position lights, two line tracking sensors, and an active buzzer for a horn. With rich graphical programming options, Cutebot makes it easy for kids to learn programming, starting from the basics and moving to more complex concepts.


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Support Multiple Programming

Easy to Build in 20 Seconds

You can get started straight out of the box. Assemble the Cutebot in just 3 steps. Perfect for classroom settings, giving you more time to create and have fun.

Play Coding Games with Cutebot Robot Kit

Learning to code has never been this much fun!

Multiple Remote Control Modes

You can control the Cutebot using Bluetooth, an infrared remote, or the Joystick

Coding is as Easy as Building Blocks

Kids can easily program the robot to do simple tasks using graphical coding.

Easy to Build for Beginners

The Cutebot's user-friendly design and clear instructions make assembly a breeze.

Rich Learning Resources

With the ELECFREAKS WIKI, you'll find all the resources you need to grasp the basics of robotics programming. Learn, practice, and apply these skills in real-world scenarios.

The Best Coding Robot for STEM

ELECFREAKS Cutebot makes STEM education accessible and affordable. It's perfect for getting kids excited and engaged in the classroom.

Love Coding While Playing & Learning

Kids can explore coding at their own pace, developing a genuine love for coding and honing their skills beyond just programming.


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