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Charge Pump Voltage Inverter: 1.8-5.3V, 60mA

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This tiny voltage inverter generates a negative output voltage corresponding to the voltage provided on its input, which can be from 1.8 V to 5.3 V. The compact (0.3″ × 0.35″) module has a typical efficiency of over 80% and can deliver up to 60 mA continuously.


This board is a charge pump voltage inverter that converts an input voltage between 1.8 V and 5.3 V to a corresponding negative output voltage, with a typical efficiency of over 80%. The inverter can deliver a continuous output current of 60 mA across most of its operating range, making it a simple solution for applications requiring a lower-power negative supply, including sensor biasing and bipolar op-amp circuits.

Unlike a voltage regulator, which produces a constant output voltage from a range of input voltages, this inverter does not have a set output voltage; the module’s negative output voltage varies proportionally to the positive input voltage that it receives. However, you can get a regulated negative voltage by powering the inverter with a pre-regulated supply voltage. For example, with a fixed 5 V supply, the module produces a fixed −5 V on its output; with a 3.3 V input, the output is −3.3 V. Note that the magnitude of the output voltage decreases as the output current increases; please see the graphs at the bottom of this page for a more detailed characterization.


  • Input voltage: 1.8 V to 5.3 V
  • Negative output voltage is inverted from input
  • Typical continuous output current: 60 mA
  • <200 µA typical no-load quiescent current