Harnessing Electricity to Communicate

Harnessing Electricity to Communicate

This notebook contains a lesson plan, materials list, and activities to support the teaching of engineering and scientific data analysis.    

Watch the introduction video to this lesson plan.  


The lesson materials in this notebook integrate core physical science concepts with important 21st century technical skills. Emphasis is placed on combining science, engineering, and technology to explore properties of electricity and how it is used in today's society.  



Student activities 

  • Take on the role of electrical, mechanical and software engineers, and data scientists. 
  • Build an LED signal lamp, an electromagnet, and a voice coil speaker using inexpensive materials. 
  • Build a telegraph and Morse code receiver by integrating the three activities with a microcontroller and a custom Excel workbook. 
  • Record ideas and findings in a student journal. 


Live data visualization using Excel 

  • Access and download the free Excel Data Streamer add-in.   
  • Use a custom Excel workbook to visual live communication data from student built telegraph and receiver. 

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