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Teensy Prop Shield

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The Teensy Prop Shield is meant for making interactive light and sound effects on small, handheld props and wearable costumes. This shield features 10DoF (Degrees of Freedom) motion sensors, a 2W audio amp, high-speed 5V buffers for driving APA102 LEDs, and an 8MB flash memory. This little board is about the size of the Teensy 3.2, just slightly longer to allow space for mounting holes and connections for power, speaker and LEDs.

The Teensy Prop Shield\'s crowning glory is, of course, its Freescale 10DoF sensors. The board\'s sensor suite comprises an FXOS8700CQ 6-axis linear accelerometer and magnetometer, an FXAS21002C 3-axis digital angular rate gyroscope and an MPL3115A2 precision pressure/altitude and temperature gauge.

That\'s not all! The Teensy Prop Shield has been equipped with a slew of other features. Need an amplifier? The Teensy Prop Shield has one rated at 2W and is capable of driving 4 or 8 Ohm speakers. Additionally, the Prop Shield has 5V buffers meant to send data to Dotstar or APA102 type addressable LEDs. It also has an onboard 8MB flash memory, meant for storing sound clips and images, logging data and many other uses.


* Motion Sensors -- Allow motion interactive light and sound
* Audio Amplifier -- Clear quality audio output to a small speaker
* Fast LED Driver -- Drive APA102 / Dotstar LEDs for colorful lighting with rapid response
* Flash Memory -- 8MB storage for images, sound clips and data logging


* Datasheets
* [FXOS8700CQ Accelerometer & Magnetometer](
* [FXAS21002C Gyroscope](
* [MPL3115A2 Pressure/Altitude & Temperature](
* [LM48310 Audio Amplifier](
* [W25Q64FV Flash Memory](
* [SN74AHCT1G08 AND Gate](
* [Product Page](