Sphero Specdrums

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Specdrums® are app-enabled rings that turn colors into music with a simple tap. Create music anytime, anywhere and make the world your instrument.

Built with sleek technology including an accelerometer, light sensor, LEDs, and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, Specdrums rings provide an accessible, portable, and tactile way to discover music creation.

  • Accelerometer - Detects taps and gestures.
  • Light Sensor - Recognizes any color in the world.
  • LEDs - Indicates and illuminates tapped surfaces.

Additional Information

The Specdrums MIX app is platform agnostic and works with many BLE iOS and Android devices.  Specific operating systems and device requirements are as follows:

Device Model OS Version
iPad Air and up iOS 11+
iPad Mini 2 and up iOS 11+
iPhone 5sand up iOS 11+
iPod Touch 6th Generation and up iOS 11+
All Google Pixel devices Android 6+
Samsung Galaxy S6 and up Android 6+
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and up Android 6+
Motorola Moto G (3rd generation) and up Android 6+
Nexus 5 and up Android 6+
Redmi Note 4 and up Android 6+
HTC One M8 and up Android 6+
Sony Xperia Z5 and up Android 6+
Nokia 6 and up Android 6+
Supported Languages
Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional)
Brazilian Portuguese

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