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SMD PTC - 6V 500mA (strip of 10)

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There are more and more hobbyists taking advantage of surface mount technology these days. With affordable tools like hot air and hotplate reflow ovens, electronics enthusiasts are shrinking their projects down to new levels of portability. Unfortunately, It\'s not always easy to get your hands on small amounts of SMD parts so here\'s a strip of PTCs.

PTCs are a form of overcurrent protection device (like a fuse) but unlike a fuse, they are capable of \"resetting themselves.\" When the threshold current is reached, the device begins to heat up which increases its resistance, effectively choking the current back down to a level that won\'t damage more valuable components. When the current is removed, the device cools off and is ready to go again!

This is a strip of 10 surface-mount PTC devices, which should be enough for general prototyping applications.


* [Datasheet]( (1206L050YR)