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Servo - Generic High Torque Continuous Rotation (Standard Size)

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Here, for all your mechatronic needs, is a simple, high quality continuous rotation servo motor. This servo is able to take in 6 volts and deliver 66.7 oz-in. of maximum torque at 70 r/min.

A standard 3-pin power and control cable is attached and all hardware listed below is included.


* 1x SM-S4303R High Torque Continuous Rotation Servo
* 1x Mounting Screw
* 1x Four Point Horn
* 1x Six Point Horn
* 2x Double Arm Horn (1x Large, 1x Medium)
* 2x Circle Horn (1x Large, 1x Medium)
* 4x Rubber Grommets
* 4x 2x15mm Phillips Screw
* 4x Brass Eyelets


* Voltage: 4.8-6.0 Volts
* Torque: 45.8/66.7 oz-in. (4.8/6.0V)
* Speed: 60/70 r/min (4.8/6.0V)
* Rotation: 360°
* Dual Ball Bearing
* 4 Plastic Gears + 1 Metal Gear
* 25T Spline
* Rest point adjustment* 42 x 39.5 x 22.5mm
* Wire length: 300mm
* Weight: 44g


* [Datasheet](