Rover 5 Robot Platform

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If you\'re looking for a chassis base for your next robot, look no further than the Rover 5. The Rover 5 uses 4 independent motors, each with a hall-effect quadrature encoder and gearbox. The entire gearbox assembly can be rotated at 5 degree increments for different clearance configurations. You can even replace the tank treads with traditional wheels.

This isn\'t a wimpy or flimsy robot base. Weighing in at over 2.5 pounds without batteries, this base is heavy duty and can drive over quite a bit. Check the manual below for dimensional drawings.


* Adjustable gear box angles
* 4 independent DC motors
* 4 independent hall-effect encoders
* Thick rubber tank treads
* 10Kg/cm stall torque per motor


* [Manual](
* [Datasheet]( (Motors)
* [Quadrature Encoder Example](
* [Remote Control Tutorial](