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Paper Circuit Classroom Kit

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This Paper Circuit Classroom Kit is perfect for students to start learning about circuits and how they can be used in real life. This STEAM activity gives drawings life with LED's!

Included in each pack (10 packs in the classroom kit):

  • 10 x copper tape
  • 10 x 5pack coin cell batteries
  • 100 x red LED's
  • 100 x yellow LED's
  • 100 x green LED's
  • 50 x A5 printable pages (double sided)
  • A4 printable copies are available free to download

Print these sheets of double-sided so one side can be coloured in while the other side has the instructions for your circuit. Students will develop confidence and a deeper understanding of circuits as they create and design them with their own hands!

Also available as individual starter kits.