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BBC Micro:bit


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Klip Halo 2.0 with JST

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The JST Version Klip Halo V2.0 board for the BBC micro:bit breaks out each of the 19 GPIO pins from the BBC micro:bit, with easily accessible, clearly marked connection points compatible with both crocodile clips and 4mm banana plugs. The edge connector allows simple assembly by inserting the BBC micro:bit into the Klip Halo V2.0. Detailed information regarding the uses of each micro:bit pin can be found at:

The Klip Halo V2.0 with JST has an integrated connector for 3V power, and an on/off switch. The connector is the same as on the BBC micro:bit, so BBC micro:bit battery packs will plug in. DO NOT use with LiPo batteries. The switch also turns on /off the power to the 3V connections.

The board has been designed so that the BBC micro:bit can be slotted into the edge connector. No tools are required for installation.

Uses for the Klip Halo V2.0 could include attaching external components using crocodile clips, or connecting to Kitronik electro-fashion products.

Note: Not suitable for use with LiPo batteries.


  • Breaks out the microbits 19 GPIO pins to clearly marked connection points compatible with both crocodile clips and 4mm banana plugs.
  • Features an edge connector that the microbit inserts into so no assembly required.
  • The board has an on/off switch that also turns off power to the 3V connections.
  • Designed for use with either crocodile clips or conductive thread.
  • It also features a JST style power input connection.


  • 1 x Klip Halo V2.0 Board (with JST) for the BBC micro:bit.


  • Length: 80mm.
  • Width: 80mm.
  • Thickness: 18mm.


  • A BBC micro:bit.
  • Battery cage with JST connector.
  • Batteries are compatible with your battery cage.