GPS Antenna Ground Plate

Want to improve your GPS antenna multipath convergence time performance to near survey-grade GNSS levels? Just using this simple steel plate effectively improves simple patch antenna performance to near professional level antenna setups.

The steel disc provides a ground plane for a low cost patch antenna (such as the u-blox [ANN-MB-00]( that when coupled with the u-blox NEO-M8P or ZED-F9x receiver allows for centimeter-level positioning. This plate is *not* needed with [larger L1/L2 antennas]( that have a plane incorporated in their design.

The ⅛” thick steel plate has been tapped to fit onto the standard ¼-20 UNC camera mounting screw. While it is not the cleanest piece of steel and weighs in at a hefty 0.4211 lbs, it does provide a solid base to allow a magnetic mounted antenna to sit flat on the ground plane while mounted to a tripod.


* **Diameter** -- 4 Inches
* **Thickness** -- 1/8\"
* **Weight** -- 0.4211 lbs
* **Center Thread** -- 1/4-20 UNC Thread
* **Finish** -- Industrial


[Ublox white paper on using low cost antennas for RTK](