Emblaser 2 Complete set - Air-Assist + Filtration Unit + Spare Filter

Fully assembled Emblaser 2, Air-Assist accessory, Workspace Camera, Software, Tool and Lens Cleaning Kit, 110-240 Volt Power Supply, all required leads & fume extraction hose.
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Introducing the next generation Laser Cutter / Engraver by Darkly Labs. 

Commonly Used Materials

Fabric - Cotton 3mm Y Y
Fabric - Felt 6mm N Y All colors except white.
Leather - Vegetable Tanned 4mm Y Y Treatment & color dependant.Air-Assist recommended.
Paper/Card - Corrugated Cardboard 6mm Y Y
Paper/Card - Pasteboard 2.6mm Y Y
Paper/Card - Plain Paper 3mm Y Y Any color.
Plastic - Acrylic Black 5mm Y Y
Plastic - Acrylic Green, Red Yellow 3mm Y Y
Plastic - Acrylic Translucent (tinted) - Y N
Plastic - Acrylic Blue - Y N
Plastic - Acrylic Transparent & White - N N Possible with coating.
Plastic - Polypropylene 3mm Y Y Air-Assist recommended.
Wood - Poplar Plywood 6mm Y Y
Wood - Balsa 10mm Y Y
Wood - MDF 3mm Y Y
Anodised Aluminium - Y N
Slate - Y N
Corkboard 3.0mm Y Y Air-Assist required.
Rubber 2.0mm Y Y Air-Assist recommended.

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