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ELECFREAKS micro:bit Nezha 48 IN 1 Inventors Kits (Without micro:bit Board)

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Based on Planet X sensors, Nezha Inventors Kit microbit is designed for BBC micro:bit. It contains multiple sensors and modules including LED, trimpot, soil moisture sensor, ultrasonic sensor, crash sensor, line-tracking sensor, etc., and also over 400 pieces of bricks. We’ve built over 48 cases with this kit and the Interactive coding accessories pack aiming to cultivate and inspire kids’ creativity and imagination.
Make each kid be an inventor from Nezha Inventors Kit microbit!

inventors kit


Accessories Rich

400+ particles, 11 electronic modules.

inventors kit


Expand Rich

Our Product can support up to 40+ sensors. Like LED, trumpet, soil moisture sensor ultrasonic sensor, crash sensor, line-tracking sensor, etc...

inventors kit


Rich Case

48+ basic cases, more cases can be expanded with our accessories.


Support Multiple Programming

Four general programming methods, one set to learn four programming languages.

inventors kit


Easy To Store & Carry

Nezha inventors kit microbit come with a plastic toolbox for easy storage. The compartments of various sizes inside make storage more convenient and fast. And easy to carry.

inventors kit


Long Battery Life

Built-in lithium battery. With one charge, you can take 3 lessons.

inventors kit



inventors kit


Nezha Inventors Kits For micro:bit WIKI

inventors kit


Packing List



Item Parameter
Shell ABS fireproof shell
Circuit board FR4 epoxy resin board, fire rating 94VO
Capacity 900mA lithium battery
Size 262*215*74 mm
Communication protocol IIC, UART, and SPI
Program Type Makecode, Javascript, Python and C++
Control board micro:bit
Input voltage 5V
Charging current 1A



Nezha Inventors kits for micro:bit