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ELECFREAKS micro:bit Beginner Basic Kit (Without micro:bit Board)

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The ELECFREAKS micro:bit basic kit is an entry-level kit. It contains 5 of the most common electric bricks, which can be easily connected to micro:bit via basic:bit. This kit helps students learn how to build their micro:bit projects quickly and can be programed using free software Makecode.  

Note: A BBC micro:bit and cell battery CR1220 are not included with this kit, but are required. 

Potential Projects include:

  • Light Controller
  • Morse code
  • Function  selector
  • Show box for stickers
  • Shock box

Package List

Items Quantity
Basic:bit 1
LED Module 1
Crash Sensor 1
Potentiometer 1
Servo 1
ADKey 1
USB Cable 1
Crystal Battery Box 1
Basic:kit Manual Book 1



Basic Kit