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Button Pad Controller SPI

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The Button Pad Controller SPI was designed to compliment the Button Pad Controller USB; though it can also be used as a standalone device. The board is 4”x4” and has 16 tri-color LEDs and 16 corresponding button pads (i.e. The button pad surrounds the LED). The boards communicate via an SPI bus, and up to 10 Button Pad Controllers can be connected in a system (including one Button Pad Controller USB). The default firmware uses a 9 bit color scheme. Each board comes configured to work as a standalone unit and must be reconfigured for multiple board systems.

We do not sell the frames shown in the photograph. We put those together for our own use as a demonstration of what two units look like, boxed up together.

Unit comes fully assembled and tested as shown. Unit does not include top button pad (listed below).

Note: We're using new RGB LEDs which have the blue and green pins swapped. When setting the LED color, you'll need to swap the blue and green values in the command structure. Visually, nothing on the board has changed.

Note: Although the hardware is technically capable of 24-bit color, the firmware limits the board to 9-bit color. Check the comments below for the reasoning.