Basic:Bit IO Expansion Board

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This is an IO expansion board designed for micro:bit, which supports IIC communication. Although the shape is small, the function is very rich, onboard 3.5mm audio interface, buzzer, programmable RGB lamp, a photoresistor, and many other electronic devices. Moreover, it has expanded the micro:bit all 20 pin headers and 5 alligator clip interfaces. Users can combine the alligator clip and DuPont line with other sensor modules to complete some interesting experiments. And this expansion board is designed with building block holes, which is convenient for users to expand the building block shape, such as elevator tower, building block car, game controller and so on. It is suitable for users who have already learned some about micro:bit and want to continue to learn more and like DIY.



  • Small size and reasonable layout of components.
  • A large number of electronic components onboard: 3.5mm audio interface, buzzer, programmable RGB lamp, photo-resistor, etc.
  • 20 pin headers and 5 alligator clip connectors for connecting alligator clips and DuPont lines.
  • Support IIC communication, and is compatible with sensor modules such as ultrasonic, colorful lights, infrared, rocker, etc.
  • Compatible with LEGObuilding block.


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