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Barrel Jack Power Switch - M-F (3\")

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We use barrel jacks a lot around here and sometimes we need to pop a switch into the mix. That usually means hacking up a perfectly good barrel jack extension cable, but the whole point of using the barrel jacks was so that we wouldn\'t have to hack things apart... Well, we found a solution: The Barrel Jack Power Switch.

Okay, it\'s nothing fancy but it *is *really useful. Plug your power supply into one end and the other into your project and, just like that, you\'ve got a power switch! The on-off rocker switch has a good stiff \'click\' to it, so it isn\'t easy to accidentally switch. It\'s also fairly small so it won\'t add too much unnecessary bulk to your project.


* Switch Body: ≈ 61 x 27 x 23mm
* Cable: 85mm long (each side)
* Barrel Connector: 5.5x2.1mm