The BBC Micro:Bit


A powerful yet compact programmable microprocessor with easy to use software that you can access online. This device has the power and support to take your project to the next level.

Computational Thinking

The Micro:Bit is a fantastic device for inspiring young minds to be creative while encouraging students to use complex problem solving skills.

Teaching Resources

Make the move to using Micro:Bit in your classroom with these helpful teaching resources available from Micro:Bit.

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The Micro:Bit

Learn to Code
Write code using Python, Blockly, or even an Arduino IDE

Connect your Micro:Bit to the world

The Micro:Bit features a 5x5 LED matrix and two integrated push buttons

Compass, accelerometer and Internet of Things ready device

All Ages
Anyone can enter the world of digital technology with the Micro:Bit

With different plug-and-play kit sets, wearable technology and robotics add-ons available, there's always something new to try with the Micro:Bit

Inspire young creators with a

Classroom Pack

10 Micro:Bit Starter Kits
In each set

Add excitement to your next digital technology lesson with a classroom pack of 10 Micro:Bit starter kits. Each kit includes a BBC Micro:Bit, battery holder, batteries, and a USB connector cable.

Keep your board safe with our

Durable Cases

Easy Storage
Keep your starter kit together with the Yahboom Starter Kit Case

Make your Micro:Bit stand out with a silicon cover

Shop our range of cases for your Micro:Bit. From silicone covers to starter kit storage cases, we've got the right match for you.

Take your projects further with a range of


Lessons are relevant and relate back to everyday activities

Let students creativity run wild all while learning core digital skills

Mix & Match
Create a simulation of a town with our LAMP:bit and STOP:bit extensions

Infinite possibilities are at your fingertips with the Micro:Bit


Dave Roberts

Digital Technology Teacher

Twitter: @Mister_DRoberts

"My juniors love the simplicity of the BBC micro:bit. There are so many resources available! We use them to develop Computational Thinking with the new Digital Technology curriculum."

Lesley Sampson

Digital Technology Teacher

Twitter: @La_Sampsonator

"My Year 9 Girls really enjoyed their micro:bits, they did loads of projects and your support has been awesome!"

Discover more ways you can use the Micro:Bit


The Micro:Bit is a small but powerful and accessible mini computer that will run just about everything, including a simple Bluetooth controlled car like the Micro Maqueen


Bring STEAM learning to life with engaging and fun learning activities. E-Textiles integrates fabrics and digital technologies in new and exciting ways. E-Textiles creates a great alternative to traditional electronics in the classroom.


Create incredible light displays with our range of ZIP LED's. Connect multiple LED tiles to create even bigger displays or produce a full spectrum of colours with a hex, halo, or stick.


Our range of kits are a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Micro:Bit. Our kits range from E-textiles to electronics and everything in between.

Professional Development Services


Our facilitators specialize in change management, culturally responsive practice, and local curriculum design. Find out more about our team and how we can help your school produce exceptional digital curriculum lessons

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