Vertical Expansion Board

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This expansion board is designed specifically for micro:bit. Compared with the traditional horizontal expansion board, this expansion version is more suitable for DIY robots and cars. The three-dimensional shape means that the micro:bit will be facing you.

The micro:bit expansion board integrates two high-power RGB colorful searchlights and three SMD RGB programming lights. The 5 LED lights are all brightly lit.

It can drive 3 5V servos, robots and many other experiments. It can also drive 2 3V DC motors and small fans/smart cars.

A passive buzzer is integrated on the expansion board, and the buzzer can be programmed to play music.

The expansion board is powered by a 500mAh high-capacity lithium battery, and the charging process can be easily completed by connecting the expansion board via a USB cable. There are also multiple protection circuits: over-discharge protection, over-charge protection, and reverse-connection protection.

The expansion board integrates an infrared ranging pair tube, a high-precision tracking probe, and an ultrasonic module interface. This makes it easy to transform the entire expansion board into a smart car chassis for a micro:bit smart car.

The expansion board provides three kinds of communication interfaces: IIC, SPI, serial communication, easy to expand PS2 controller, Bluetooth module and other external devices. In addition, we have reserved 5 IO ports, which are led out by pin headers, so you can expand your sensor usage.


  • Vertical seating design
  • A variety of programmable RGB light
  • Motor/Servo driver
  • Passive buzzer
  • Safe power supply system
  • Expand to micro:bit smart robots
  • Three modes of communication, multiple reserved IO ports
  • Provide a multi-function  App
  • Graphical programming


Controller: micro:bit

Programming software: JavaScript(Pxt), Python, Android and iOS mobile

Input: Infrared obstacle avoidance, Infrared tracking, Infrared receiving probe

Output: Buzzer, LED light, Colorful searchlight, Colorful programming light

Voltage: 3.7V( Up 5V, Down 3.3V)

Communication: Serial port, SPI, IIC

Charging: Micro USB cable

Remote control: IR control and Bluetooth remote control

Size: 97 x 76mm

Package list

Micro:bit expansion board x 1

3.7V Lipo battery x 1

Battery magic sticker x 2

Micro USB cable x 1



Micro:bit expansion board

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