What could be better than building and programming your very own robot with a micro:bit? Well maybe customising it and designing it yourself? Start your journey to creativity and invention here.
MOVE mini buggy kit
Motor Driver Board for the BBC microbit
Micro: Maqueen micro:bit Robot Platform
DC Hobby Motor and Wheel - Pair
SparkFun moto:bit
Line Sensor Pack for Robo:Bit Buggy
Bumper Add-On For The :MOVE MINI
Bulldozer Add-On For The :MOVE MINI
micro: Maqueen Line-tracking Map
Tipper Trailer Add-On For The :MOVE MINI
Line Following add-on for :MOVE min
Motor:Bit for Micro:Bit
:MOVE Line Following Board
Pen Holder for Bit:Bot (BitBot)
Talon Claw / Grabber for Bit:Bot