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VL53L5CX Time-of-Flight 8×8-Zone Distance Sensor Carrier with Voltage Regulator, 400cm Max

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This sensor is a carrier/breakout board for ST’s VL53L5CX laser-ranging sensor, which offers fast and accurate ranging up to 4 m through a digital I²C interface. It can measure absolute distances to multiple targets simultaneously across multiple zones, providing enough data for a depth map with up to 8×8 resolution. The board includes a 3.3 V linear regulator and level-shifters that allow it to work over an input voltage range of 2.5 V to 5.5 V, and the 0.1″ pin spacing makes it easy to use with standard solderless breadboards and 0.1″ perfboards. Note: This is not recommended for use with 8-bit MCUs; for such applications, consider the VL53L1X, VL53L0X carrier, or VL6180X carrier.