Particle Asset Tracker Kit 3G - Americas/Aus

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Tracker SoM and Tracker
 that includes all the capabilities of our Starter tier as well as access to:


  • Particle Locations services:
    • View current and historical route info
    • 6 months rolling location + user data storage
  • Particle Configuration services:
    • Zero-code device and fleet-wide configuration changes
    • Configure sleep and reporting interval
    • Wake on movement
    • Geofencing and sensor-based alerting
  • Tracker Edge firmware application framework and libraries
  • High-volume cellular data plan (25MB/mo)


Tracker SoM Evaluation Board

A complete, open-source breakout board and reference design for evaluation and development with Particle's Tracker SoM. The Evaluation board comes with a Tracker SoM soldered to it and exposes all of the Tracker SoM's powerful hardware capabilities including breakouts for RF, sensors, buttons, power, and GPIO.

Tracker SoM: The heart of your asset tracking solution

Tracker SoM is a powerful, configurable, and extensible IoT System-on-Module (SoM) that builds on Particle's Tracking Services foundation and provides a powerful MCU, GNSS, and advanced peripherals in a compact form factor.

Tracker SoM serves as an accelerated starting point to organizations that require a tailored tracking solution for sophisticated applications as well as a fully-certified foundation for original equipment manufacturers developing commercial products.

What's included?

  • Tracker SoM evaluation board (x1)
  • Tracker SoM (x1), soldered to evaluation board
  • Cellular antenna
  • Grove temperature sensor
  • u.FL to SMA adapter
  • USB cable
  • Accessories (jumper pins, adhesive standoffs)

Technical Specifications

The Tracker SoM Evaluation board includes the following breakouts:

  • u-blox GNSS USB connection
  • Quectel cellular modem USB connection
  • JTAG/SWD debugging connector for nRF52 MCU
  • NFC antenna breakout (u.FL)
  • MODE and RESET buttons
  • RGB status LED
  • USB for debugging
  • Power and charge status LEDs
  • JST connector for Li-Po battery power
  • Switches for USB, battery power, and RTC
  • Full GPIO expansion 
  • Grove connectors (x2)
  • RTC coin-cell battery connector
  • CAN data connection (with 3V3 power output)


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