Spider:Bit Robot

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Super:bit expansion board with 142 blocks and 2 building blocks servos, can be built into the shape of a spider. It can make spiders live with a mobile phone remote control APP. You can control the spider to move forward and backwards, turn left and right, tweet, RGB colour change, etc. Super:bit building blocks with micro:bit board also has a variety of programming methods, support for simple and fun makecode Editor graphical programming. In addition to the standard shape Super:bit building block spiders, you can also use the built-in building blocks to build more interesting shapes, such as "building blocks swimming machine". You can let the "swim machine" keep moving after starting the circuit.


  • Designed for micro:bit
  • Equipped with a powerful Super:bit expansion board
  • Combination of building blocks and circuits
  • Mobile APP control
  • Graphical programming


Package list

Recommended reason: suitable for users who already have micro:bit

  • Building Blocks*142
  • Building Block Motor*2
  • Super:bit Expansion Board   
  • USB Cable
  • Lithium Battery




Yahboom Spider:bit

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