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ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Agriculture IoT Kit (Without micro:bit Board)

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The micro:bit Smart Agriculture Kit comes with the IoT:bit and a selection of sensors including a DS18B20 temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor, water level sensor, PIR sensor plus servos and more.  The kit comes with 13 well documented projects including a smart insect catching machine, an ecological greenhouse, a fish pond water level monitoring device and more.  With this kit kids can learn about modern agriculture and how technology can be used to as a tool for automation and information gathering.  

Note: A BBC micro:bit and cell battery CR1220 are not included with this kit, but are required. 


1 x IoT:bit Internet WIFI extension board for micro:bit
1 x Rainbow LED
1 x PIR sensor
1 x DS18B20 sensor
1 x DHT11 sensor
1 x Sonar:bit
1 x Soil moisture sensor
1 x Water level sensor
1 x OLED screen
1 x EF92A 180° servo
1 x micro USB cable
Jumper wires







Case 01: Auto Irrigation in Farmlands

Case 02: Temp.&Humidity Monitoring in the Greenhouse

Case 03: Artificial Light for Agriculture

Case 04: Farmlands Protection Device

Case 05: Water Temperature Detection

Case 06: Insect-catching Device

Case 07: Crops Height Detection

Case 08: Auto Pick-up Device

Case 09: Crops Sunshade Device

Case 10: Water Level Monitoring in Fish Ponds

Case 11: Feed at Fixed Time

Case 12: Birds Anti-Collision Device

Case 13:The Smart Farm

More interesting cases are constantly updated…



micro:bit Smart Agriculture Kit