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ELECFREAKS micro:bit Joystick:bit V2 Kit

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Joystick:bit V2 is a game controller based on the BBC Micro:bit and can be used for game play or as a remote control for other micro:bit projects. It contains a 4-direction joystick and 4 undefined buttons. It enhances the game experience with an on-board buzzer and vibration motor. The Joystick:bit V2 is brightly coloured, hard wearing and comfortable  to use.

The Joystick:bit V2 can be easily programmed using the makecode software package to start graphical programming.  Children can create DIY games, such as electronic organ, direction indicator, LED controller and more!

Note: A BBC micro:bit and cell battery CR1220 are not included with this kit, but are required. 

Humanized Handle Design

microbit joystick

Small and mini shape, specially designed for primary and middle school students to hold, fully considering ergonomics.Children can hold it comfortably.

micro:bit Joystick:bit V2 Remote control Handle Details Show


microbit robot car

microbit robot

microbit kit


X and Y connect to the P1 and P2 port on the micro:bit accordingly.


C、D、E&F connect to the P12、P13、P14 and P15 ports on the micro:bit accordingly.

Battery Box

The location is on the back and needs 2X AAA batteries to supply power

GVS ports

It contains 1 GVS extension ports which could be soldered pin head and master more extension possibilities.

microbit coding kit

micro:bit robot


micro:bit car


Simple control, protection circuit.


The buzzer connects to the P0 port on the micro:bit.

Vibration Motor

It connects to the P16 port on the micro:bit

Screen Printing

Clear imprints, will not fade

Slim design

microbit kit

Easier to manage and transport, PSP joystick is thinner and lighter than traditional PS2 joystick.


Joystick:bit V2