Octopus:Bit Breakout Board

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ElecFreaks Micro:bit Breakout Board can match with every BBC Micro:bit pin.  Plug in our breakout board into your BBC Micro:bit and you will find it much more convenient to connect to things!

Usually the voltage of the BBC micro:bit is 3.3V, however sometimes other modules LCD modules that connect to it require a 5V power supply and 5V TTL voltage to work properly. To solve this problem, we have invented ElecFreaks Micro:bit Breakout Board. 

Features :

  • Extended PGIO port from P0 TO P16;
  • There are pins for VCC and GND beneath each I/O port with different colors for your recognize. You can connect breakout modules conveniently. 
  • Booster module added to enable you to select VCC signal of P9 to P16 between 3.3V and 5V at will.
  • Lead UART port, I2C port and SPI port. Among these ports, I2C port can connect 3 road I2C devices while SPI can connect 2 road SPI devices.
  • Two Micro:bit  Adapter can connect each other directly to do serial port communication.

When the switch is in the 5 Volt position, the 8 pins on the right-hand side of the board have safe access to bidirectional voltage shifting. The microbit is not exposed to 5 Volt input signals and it can also drive peripheral devices requiring 5 Volts. All voltages at the microbit pins are in the safe 0 to 3.3 Volt range

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