Single Sided ProtoBoard (18x30cm)

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This is a soft thin protoboard with hole diameter of 1mm, hole spacing of 2.54mm. It can be soldered DIP and SMD components, and the thickness is only 0.4mm. The proto board can be appropriate bending in any direction (depending on the size of the proto board). In the actual application, it can be cropped to any size and shape according to your needs, making circuit experiments and design more convenient and fast.


  • Dimensions: 18cm*30cm (7''x11.8'')
  • Substrate material: high quality FR-4
  • Flame retardant properties: VO
  • Thickness: 0.4mm
  • Aperture: 1mm (5% error)
  • Hole spacing: 2.54mm (100mil)


  • Single Sided ProtoBoard (18x30cm) x1