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ELECFREAKS micro bit Tinker Kit

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The ELECFREAKS micro:bit Tinker Kit, developed by Singapore's esteemed training organization TINKER ACADEMY, boasts a professional team with a robust academic background. Packed with a variety of octopus sensors and numerous project tutorials, this kit empowers you to create dozens of amazing digital maker projects!


The ELECFREAKS Octopus is a breakout board designed for the micro:bit. It seamlessly connects to the GPIO, serial, IIC, and SPI ports of the micro:bit board. What sets the Octopus apart is its ability to switch voltage levels for certain GPIO ports, making the micro:bit compatible with 5V sensors.

Octopus Sensors with Buckle


Plant Monitoring Device
Upload your code to the micro:bit and insert the moisture sensor into the soil of your plant. Your pots will let you know when your plants need watering!

Music Machine
With 5 buttons, each needs a similar conditional statement in the code. Each button controls a different pitch, so pressing each button produces sounds of varying pitches.

Ensure the highest potentiometer value corresponds to the highest note on the micro:bit piano keys. Twist the knob to control alien-like noises!

Smart Light
Upload your code to your micro:bit. Walk into the dark with your new smart light, or place it in a room to brighten up when you enter.