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32 IN 1 Wonder Building Kit for Micro:bit

The ELECFREAKS micro:bit 32 IN 1 Wonder Building Kit focuses on expanding the blocks with 32 projects available on the WIKI, giving you more options to create more projects. It is equipped with various electronic sensors such as a line tracking sensor, Sonar:bit, water level sensor, etc. to add more challenge and fun to your projects.

Wonder Building Kit Instructions



Item Parameter
Sensors Water level sensor, line-following sensor, Sonar:bit
Bricks Over 400pcs
Controlers micro:bit & Wukong expansion board
Communication USB port
Size 250 x 190 x 100mm
Weight 1150g
Motor drive 2 ways(M1,M2)
Servo drive 8 ways(S0~S7)
Projects 32 projects are provided