XL Hydraulic Robotic Arm

Build your very own robotic arm and learn about hydraulic technology. The realistic gripper can lift, move and grab a wide range of objects – all without electricity! Contains 1 Trigger, 2 Dowel, 1 Foam strip for Small trigger, 1 Foam strip for Trigger button, 2 Foam strip for Small gripper, 1 Foam strip for Right-hand gripper, 1 Foam strip for Left-hand gripper, 1 Foam strip for Large trigger, 1 Tubing, 1 Right-hand jaw, 1 Left-hand jaw, 1 Slider cover, 1 Piston holder top, 1 Slider body, 1 Piston, 1 Piston holder, 2 Push rods, 1 Trigger button, 1 Arm support, 8 Screws, 3 Pivot plug, Also required but not included in this kit: a small crosshead screwdriver. The length is about 36cm when assembled. Age 8+ years. Part of the KidzLabs range.

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