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You Could Receive $20 Worth of Store Credit, FREE!

We want to hear from you, teachers! 

Teaching is a challenging task on a normal day, let alone in the situation we're in now. It can be hard to know what is considered "normal" anymore, which is why we're here to help! 

Our mission

We want to give teachers a snapshot of New Zealand's frontline of education right now, so they can get a sneak peak into the lives of teachers across the country. This will be done by gathering short videos of teachers answering a few quick questions about their experience so far. 

We need you!

Now's where you (the teachers) come in! We want to hear from you, so we'd like to offer the first 10 teachers to send us a video answering at least 5 of our questions (read on to find out what they are) a $20 store credit voucher to use on our online store! You don't need to have worked with us in the past or even have purchased products from us before, as long as you're a teacher in New Zealand, we want your input!

The instructions

What we'd like to see from you is as follows:

  • A video thats somewhere near 30-90 seconds answering at least 5 of our questions (or longer, if you'd like!)
  • Where possible, we would like to interview you on a Microsoft Teams video call. We would record the video and use this clip, so you don't need to send any video in manually.
  • The video must be landscape, so it'll look kind of like this:
  • If you can, try to have a plain wall as the background
  • Send the video to or upload it to a google drive and share the video with us
  • If you're one of the first 10 teachers to submit a video, you'll receive your voucher! 

The questions

You only need to answer 5 of the following questions, but you can answer them all if you'd like! They are:

  1. Approximately what percentage of students have you not been able to contact?
  2. What level of engagement have you got with families?
  3. How often are you communicating with your students?
  4. How many families (as a percentage) are being contacted?
  5. Have you been making your own or looking for external resources? What has been your go-to place for materials?
  6. What platforms have you been using for remote learning?
  7. Have you learnt any new skills?
  8. Is there something you have started doing in Lockdown that you will continue to do in class?
  9. Has it been harder or easier than you thought it would be?
  10. Have you also been teaching your own children in Lockdown? How has that helped you understand what it is like for the average family
  11. How often do you talk to the parents now compared to when you started? Is it more student-centric now?
  12. What’s the funniest thing from your lockdown teaching that you remember after this?
  13. How much are you looking forward to getting into the classroom?
  14. What have you found you miss the most about your face to face classroom.
  15. What do you think you miss about Lockdown teaching when you go back to the classroom?

Please make sure you either ask the question out loud before answering or answer the question in full so we're able to correlate your response with a question. They can be simple answers or long explanations, whatever you feel is suitable!


The video will be published on our social media pages and used in marketing materials, so by submitting your video you are giving us permission to post it. If you'd like to include your name and school on the final video please let us know.


If you have any questions or issues trying to send us your video, please do get in touch with us. We're happy to help if you'd like clarification about any of the questions or if you just want to talk about all things remote learning.

Thanks, we can't wait to see your submissions!