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Welcome to Learning Developments

Hello and welcome to Learning Developments.  We are a team of passionate educators that deliver the latest educational technologies and instructional design.  We can offer training and education for your school or workplace.  Using eLearning technology helps to engage, motivate, reward and tailor learning to the individual.  We design educational resources using 21st-Century learning design and truly believe in authentic learning outcomes.

We aim to provide quality course writing and assessment materials for schools and businesses.  We aim to use trained teachers in their downtime while on refresh leave to produce the highest quality learning resources and deliver effective professional development and training.

In the next month we will develop our website and blog with emergent and current educational technologies that are already or will soon help education.  We will discuss technologies like Student Management Systems (SMS) Learning Managements Systems (LMS) such as Moodle and D2L, and future technologies like Artificial Intelligence.