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Malcolm Clarke - Kowhai Intermediate School

Computational Thinking PO3

Malcolm uses the  BBC Micro:bit  with his year Seven students as their school transitions to a flexible working environment.  The students use the Micro:bit at different learning stations:

Soil Moisture Sensor with Screw Terminals

Soil Moisture Sensor

HD Halo Clock

Maqueen Robotics

The students work through the materials at each station to solve each problem.  They then evaluate their learning to see how they can apply it in other curriculum areas.

Malcolm says, "The Kitronics Halo HD is a stand out for engagement and success.   The students found the activity engaging as the output is almost instantaneous. This particular activity has sparked the students' imagination as they are already thinking of using what they have learned in the broader context." The applications include:

If you want to find out more or would like to implement something similar in your classroom, please contact us today.


Robotics - Exploring Maqueen 

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Malcom Clake

Malcolm has 20+ years of teaching experience in Computing and Digital Technologies, 12 of which in NZ. He started at the Secondary level teaching up to NCEA Level 3. Malcolm also had a stint as the Edtech Educator at The Mind Lab in Wellington, where he developed his passion for tinkering and trying new ideas out. He is currently working at Kōwhai Intermediate School in Auckland as a Specialist Digital Technologies teacher.


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