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The STOP:bit - Part 1

Learn the first steps to using the STOP:bit extension with your micro:bit! How do I code my micro:bit to control the lights? The STOP:bit is a really cool, interactive attachment for the micro:bit. I’ll be showing you how to code...

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The LAMP:bit - Part 2

Learn how to control your LAMP:bit without even touching it! Now that you've learnt the basics from my last blog, we can get into some more technical stuff. This extension is really cool because it works just like the street...

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Using MakeCode

Learn all about how to use MakeCode software to code your micro:bit What are the basic steps to using MakeCode? MakeCode is the online website that you use to code and program your micro:bit. To start, you need to go...

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Learn the Lingo

Check back here whenever you get stuck on the meaning of a word! I'll be adding more words to this as I go, so keep coming back to see what's new! When you're using the micro:bit to code, there can...

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Introduction to the Micro:Bit

This blog is your first step in learning to use the BBC micro:bit! So what exactly is the micro:bit, and how do I do anything with it? The micro:bit is a small, programmable piece of technology that can do a...

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