My Google for Education Journey - Part 1: My Purpose

My Google for Education Journey - Part 1: My Purpose

Broadening my knowledge and gaining confidence in the Education industry

Staring out on your Google for Education journey is simple. Google has developed their services in a way that is incredibly intuitive, meaning you'll be able to spend more time learning with less confusion over the process of it. 

After weighing it all up, I decided that completing the Google for Education training course for learners was the best option for me. I needed to build my skills from the ground up, and this particular course would enable me to do just that.

If you're a practising teaching and you're just getting started with all things Google, this course would be perfect for you too. Gaining the Google Educator Level 1 Certification will mean you have the tools and knowledge to deliver more effective and meaningful lessons in a way that is efficient and current.

You'll need a Google account to access and begin your training course. Once you're all set up with an account, head to the Google for Education Training Courses page and select the appropriate level. Both the beginner and advanced courses take about 13 hours to complete, but you don't need to do it all at once. Take breaks in between units so don't rush through it and to avoid fatigue.


Stay tuned for more!

I'll be sharing the my journey completing the Google Educator Level 1 Certification this week, discussing the process of it all, struggles, interesting points and more! So check back each day to hear more about why you should consider joining me on this journey.

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