Mother's Day - Sunday 10th May

Mother's Day - Sunday 10th May

Thanks for being a teacher, caregiver, and above all else, a friend!

Mother's Day is on Sunday 10th May 2020, and will be different from any other! We appreciate everything our mum's have done for us over the years, being everything from a teacher to a nurse, chef, and a voice of reason. It's also important to acknowledge those who are without a mum this Mother's Day, and to acknowledge the family members or friends who have taken on the role of a mother. We appreciate you!


This blog contains a range of free printable activities and fun projects that you can do for mothers day. The printable sheets include bookmarks that can be coloured in and a "Meet My Mum" interview-style activity.  


View the resources as a PDF

You could also try some of these DIY crafts I've found online. I found the Handprint Bouquet tutorial here and the ideas for both DIY cards and gift boxes are from this New Zealand blog.

Handprint Bouquet

The Handprint Bouquet is a really simple but effective idea, so you can get your mum a bouquet of flowers without having to leave the house! You could use the handprints of everyone in your house to make the bouquet, so theres a range of sizes. Take this even further by writing lovely notes to your mum on the hands! The activity is pretty simple, but you can find a full list of supplies and instructions here.

DIY Cards and Gift Box

Hand-made cards are often more meaningful and special than store-bought ones. There's nothing quite like getting a one of a kind card! The same goes with gift boxes. You could use an old shoe box or paper bag if you'd like, all you need is some crafty things like glitter, glue and stickers! You'll find the instructions and recommended supplies here.

More than just gifts

These items will be more than just a present for your mum or mother figure. They'll hold memories which will last a lifetime! You could add these items to a Time Capsule which you can look back on in a few years to remember these days. 

A nice gesture for the morning is to make breakfast for you mum! You might need a bit of help from an adult if you choose to cook, so make sure you can do this safely. My all-time favourite pikelet recipe is from Chelsea Sugar, they're light and fluffy and just so yummy! With a drizzle of syrup and some fresh fruit, you can't beat a good stack of pikelets.


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