Home Learning Bingo

Home Learning Bingo

Our first resource that is now available for you to download, print, or share is a Home Learning Bingo sheet!

Learning comes in a variety of forms, and doesn't always look like a classroom lesson. These activities will stimulate students' minds, sparking creativity while encouraging problem solving and forward thinking. 

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Ten-Tin Bowling: Make a ten-pin bowling game out of recycling items, such as empty cans or bottles. See if you can get a strike!

Dance Party: Come up with a short dance routine, it can be any style you like! Then, write down the dance moves so anyone can learn your routine by reading the instructions.

#Rocks Rock!: Paint some rocks that you can find nearby. Put a #hashtag on the rocks, then hide them in your neighbourhood when you go for a walk!

The Amazing (at home) Race: Design and set up an obstacle course around your house. It can be inside, outside, or both! Time yourself (and anyone else in your bubble) racing around the obstacle course and see how fast you can get.

Kahoot Family Feud: Create a Kahoot quiz and make all the questions about members of your family. For example, "Who broke their arm when they were 7 years old?" etc. Send the quiz to your family and see who has been paying attention!

Backyard Scavenger Hunt: Students can either create the scavenger hunt or have parents set it up. Come up with a list of things that can be found in the backyard, for example, a really round rock, a super straight stick, or a snail. 

If You Can Draw It, You Can List It: Make a list of things that you could find in a Pictionary game. It can be anything, as long as you think someone could draw it! You can even play your home-made Pictionary with your family.

Symmetry Styles: Create a symmetrical pattern using household items such as pegs, sticks, or mugs. 

Time Machine: Create a time capsule and bury it in your back yard. You can put things like letters, notes, newspaper articles and more into your capsule!

What's That Sound?: Make music with items in your house, for example pots, pans and bottles. See if you can come up with a jingle or theme song!

Map It Out: Draw a map of your neighbourhood using photos of key landmarks around you. Is there a really funky mailbox a few houses down? A gigantic tree at the end of your street? Put it on the map!

Charades: Play a game of charades with your family. You can find the rules to charades here.

Draw Yourself: Make a self-portrait using pixels. You can do this by drawing with maths paper, or by creating it on a device!

Pirates of the... House?: Time to send your family on a treasure hunt! Start off by showing them their first clue. It might say something like "By the TV I can be found, with buttons galore to provide you with sound", and you would leave another clue by the TV remote. They would then keep following clues until they find the final treasure!

Get Coding!: Complete an hour of code of your choice! If you have a Micro:Bit, or want to see what they can do, you can access tonnes of free MakeCode lessons online!

Leaning Tower of Pizza Boxes: Build a tower out of recyclable items, and try make it touch the ceiling! 


You can view this resource as a PDF here. You can also find a PDF copy of the instructions for each task there. I've added a blank version of the Bingo sheet as well, so you can add your own activities if you'd like!

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