Easy Art at School

Easy Art at School

Minimal supplies for maximum creativity!

If there's one thing many homes will have an endless supply of right now, it's empty toilet paper rolls. With a bit of paint and some big ideas, you can turn them into just about anything!

I've done some digging to find a few examples - but the possibilities are just about endless here. This craft would be a fun way to start discussions about reusing, recycling and sustainability. You could develop this art lesson further by having your students come up with creative ways they could reuse other pieces of recycling at home.
They could make their favourite animal or something more practical like a bird feeder and binoculars, depending on what supplies you have access to. The art lesson could adapt depending on the theme of their creations - for bird feeders, you could then go on to discuss the life cycle of a bird, how they nest, migrate and so on.

Resource links

if you'd like instructions for the examples shown above, just follow the corresponding links:

Rainbow Cloud
Bumble Bee
Green Frog
Bird Feeder


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