Custom Remote Learning Resources - Part 1

Custom Remote Learning Resources - Part 1

Our first lot of custom resources!

I created these two activity sheets for a year 3-4 teacher who wanted to add a little colour and vibrancy to their resources. Since most of their students are learning from home, she wanted to have something she could upload onto a sharing platform for her students to see and follow. 

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The activities

The first resource was an at-home scavenger hunt mission. It includes a combination of specific and general items that the students must find during the day. This could be done before or after a group video call, where the students then each share one of the items they found. 

This is a great way to get the kids up and moving both inside and outside the house. They'll likely need to apply some problem solving and decision making tactics, like deciding what the definition of "light" may be - is it light in weight or colour? 

Daily themes for the week are a great way to keep online lessons fun and interesting. By changing it up each week, students will have a new reason to participate each and every day if they choose to. These themes are particularly effective if you're video calling students each day, so they can see each other dressed to theme. 


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