Create a Weather Forecast from Around the World

Create a Weather Forecast from Around the World

This activity is a great way for your students to collaborate on a class project while learning more about the world.

If you're looking for something to get students collaborating and creating while using technology to facilitate their learning, this activity is right for you! Students will plan a weather report video where they'll each be sharing the weather from a different city in the world. 

View Teacher Instructions PDF

View Student Instructions PDF


I've created printable PDF's for both teachers and students. I go into a bit more detail about how you could conduct this activity in the Teacher Instructions, and you can fine tune these suggestions to suit your class. 

The Student Instructions are useful in order to streamline the planning process. It takes students from the research stage right through to the storyboard planning, so you wont have to spend as much time explaining the steps. 

Learning outcomes and objectives

The class will learn about a variety of subject areas and aspects of every day life. They'll touch on geography by finding and researching a city in another country, which can then be expanded on and incorporated into a lesson. You could also bring the weather into a science lesson, outlining the basics of meteorology and explaining how to read the weather map on the news. Students could then go home and practise this by watching the weather that evening, and come back the next day explaining what they saw. 

Technology could be another topic which you tap into with this project. Uploading, editing and adding effects to the videos to create one cohesive presentation would require problem solving and creative thinking. 

This activity is a fun way to incorporate a plethora of topics into one collaborative video. Students will enjoy learning about how climates in other countries can vary so much, and even that cities within the same country can have two completely different weather forecasts.


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